Zoom Lectures for Quilt Guilds

I believe in designing quilts that speak to our own individual hearts and aesthetic preferences, not quilts that conform to someone’s rules about what a quilt should be. But in order to do that I had to spend time exploring the principles of design and examining why some quilts spoke to me and others did not. I had to find my own aesthetic! Being an IT person by training, this took some learning that was outside my previous box.

It has been a very satisfying journey and my Zoom lectures all focus on helping quilters without a formal training in design learn to design quilts that speak to their hearts. People who participate in my lectures have been generous in their praise and appreciative of learning specific ideas and techniques that they can put to use in their personal quilt design practice.

Here is a sample of the feedback I’ve received:

Hello Lorna
I have forwarded an etransfer to you for today’s outstanding presentation to our GMDQG.  Many compliments from our members!

Your style of presentation was very relaxed, yet so very informative. Your slides well illustrate the points and you explain them logically and  clearly. I loved the way you addressed people’s personal style and preferences while relating such to good design practices. I learned so much today.

I enjoyed your lecture very much.  There was enough in the class and it was so clearly presented that I would be very pleased to hear it again to remember more of the information that you gave us.  You are a wonderful teacher and I hope that I can see you again soon.

Thank you for an amazing class!   It ran so smoothly and went by so fast. I felt everyone left feeling confident and enthused! Great organizing , teaching and support for all!

Thank you, thank you!

I just had to write and thank you for the amazing workshop on design this morning. I am so inspired, excited, and enthusiastic.

My dear husband let me yabber about it  all the way home to Nanaimo in the car!

I have been exploring your website and saw with joy some of your tips since your “17 Things ….” workshop was full and I could not get in.

What  great day!

Zoom Lecture Options:

Dare to Design!

I’m a quilter who came to quilting after a left-brain dominated life of over 50 years. Almost immediately I wanted to make my own designs rather than follow someone else’s pattern. However, with no grounding in art or design, figuring out what might be aesthetically pleasing to me seemed a daunting task. Over the years, artists have developed some ground rules for effective design. In this hour lecture I share with you what I’ve learned about these ground rules and give you examples of how they apply to quilt design. As part of this discussion, we will look at how fabric texture, visual and tactile, can enhance your design and your finished quilt! This will be a good introduction for those of you who, like me, come to quilting with no background in art. And for those of you who have that background, the discussion will be a good refresher and an opportunity for you to share your knowledge with the rest of us!

Exploring Shape as a Design Element

In the past I tended to stay within a comfortable zone of familiar shapes as I developed new quilt designs. Although shape is only one of the elements of design that we get to work with as quilters, it can be a powerful aid to creating new designs. Starting with shape as a jumping off point, I’ve arrived at designs that I would not otherwise have found. In this hour lecture, we look at quilts as we isolate the element of “shape” and see how we can use it as inspiration for new design ideas.

Tips on Choosing a Fabric Palette

I frequently encounter other quilters who have a fear of choosing the fabric palette for their next quilt. And I can certainly empathize because that was huge for me when I started quilting. If I couldn’t wear the colour, I didn’t know anything about it! And colour was only one of the variables! Where to start? Twelve years down the road, with a fair number of quilts (mine and my customers’) under my belt, and I have some “lessons learned” that I’d like to share with you. We’ll talk about where you might find inspiration, some basic principles that will get you started on a good path, some tips for stepping outside your comfort zone, and a whole lot more. I hope you’ll bring along your questions and suggestions to share with us too!


My lectures run about one hour and are followed by a question period of about 15 minutes. Prior to the lecture I send a pdf handout for participants interested in keeping notes from lectures.

Fee for the lectures is $375. I do not charge a portion of guest ticket sales.