Inspiration Photos, New Arrivals, Fun Block Challenge!

posted May 1, 2021  2:00 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi to all of you and I’m hoping this finds you well. BC’s Covid numbers are finally trending down again thanks to our collective good behaviour so congratulations to us! Mind you they’d been trending up for some time due to our collective bad behaviour, so we won’t feel too smug.

The photo on the right is a block I designed for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild’s block of the month. I wanted a block that would  allow us to practice something new, so this block is made with a triadic colour scheme: dark, medium and light in one colour, dark and medium in the second colour, and light in the third colour. 

I ended up liking this block a lot, and finding that it played very nicely arranged in lots of different directions. A photo with the dimensions follows in case you are interested in using this block in a quilt. The sizes given are CUT sizes, so the finished pieces are 1/2″ smaller in each direction.

I recommended creating several different blocks with different triadics in clear tints (not greyed) and they would all create a beautiful rainbow quilt.

New Fabrics...

I’ve received lots of new bolts of fabric over the past month and what follows will be photos of a few of them. They are a mix of weights and textures, some cotton, some lightweight drapey cotton-linen, some heavier weight cotton-linens.

Here are some photos of the newest arrivals. Within a couple of weeks, the Browse My Studio photos on my website will be updated with current photos so you can see what is here now.

I'd like your feedback on this...

I’m writing with a question! At a recent lecture, Tara Faughnan spoke about her favourite solids being PURE Solids by AGF. I’ve done some reading about them and found they are OEKO-TEX certified (no harmful chemicals used in processing) and very tight weave so there is little fraying. They are more expensive than regular solids like Kona solids… so they will be $16/M or $14.30/Yd. But they have some lovely colours. Wondering if you would be interested in having local access to this line of solids?
I’m thinking I would bring in about 90 of them. There are 130 colours. Can you give me your thoughts about this… probably by email or text me at 604-250-8698. I think these would work well with the Echino linens I have in stock, and some of the newer lines like Moody Bloom.
I’d appreciate your thoughts on this!
Here are some photos of their colours.

Some new or restocked notions...

Inspiring photos from some fellow quilters...

Gladys created this runner/wall hanging for a friend who is a potter. The mother of the potter had recently died and left some fabric (imagine that!), which was given to Gladys.

The fabric with the bird was the most unique of the collection, so Gladys made this runner for her friend Mary as a reminder of her mother and also a tribute to the style of pottery that Mary does. 

We quilters get to make some wonderful gifts… and this is one example.





Mary Speller sent me this photo of a bag she made using the Essex linens and the Japanese print fabric for the pocket. She put together a beautiful combination that celebrates texture!

I had the opportunity to see close up this interesting project and hear about a worldwide initiative to honour the memory of the many disabled people murdered in gas chambers by the Nazi regime. 

Here is the note Gladys sent me about this quilt and the project overall:

As requested, here is the link about The 70273 Project common sting the 70273 disabled people killed by the Nazis. They used them as guinea pigs with their idea of incineration.  Once they realized how successful the Aktion T4 project was, they started to round up Jews.

We have more than honoured the 70273 disabled people with a block, but we are still looking for piecers and quilters to piece a bundle of blocks into a flimsy and/or sandwich and finish the quilt.  We have bundles of blocks ready to ship to willing piecers and quilters. 
So if you are interested in participating in this project, there are opportunities for people willing to piece together blocks into quilt tops… follow the link above!

That is the news from Old Crow! I’ve been out enjoying my e-bike, and have been fortunate not to break my wrist again. I think I’m getting the hang of it! Wishing you all a good month. You’ll hear from me again in June.