Two more weeks of 30% off sale, Great App, New Zoom Lectures, Bias strip calculator & New fabrics!

   Posted March 16, 2021, 2:30 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi and happy spring to all of you! It has been only three weeks since my last post, but I have new things to share nonetheless:-). Here goes:

My friend Shannon introduced me to an app that I think is very useful for those of us who sometimes need inspiration for new colour palettes. I’ve told you before about which is a great website with daily photos of beautiful colour palettes. 

But what if you see a beautiful palette and want to save a photo and find out exactly what colours are in it? That’s where the app Shannon introduced me to is perfect. Called Color Viewfinder, this app will give you the palette drawn from any photo you take. So if, for instance, you want to match it to a set of solids, you have the information to do it. I’ve downloaded it and am having fun recording and exploring new palettes. Maybe you want to try it too! Here’s the link to the free app.

Reminder - 30% off end of bolts until March 31!

There have been quite a few visitors to the studio benefitting from my spring cleaning sale, but there were so many small bolts that there is still lots to choose from. Any bolt you finish before the end of March gets you 30% off the fabric. 

You can book a visit here for yourself and up to three masked friends!

New Fabrics...

There continue to be new fabrics arriving. This group, from Japan, includes some great midweight linen solids, and some retro flower fabrics.

Bias Strip Calculator

I was reminded recently that I had meant to share this great calculator with you. Put this information aside in your place for keeping useful stuff! This webpage contains a calculator that tells you how much fabric you need for a set amount of bias strip of any width you want. Here’s the link… print off the calculator table and save it — you’ll want it someday!

New Zoom Lectures

A number of you have asked if I am available to do Zoom lectures for quilt guilds and the answer, finally, is yes. I’ve added a new section to my website which describes the three lectures I have prepared for quilt guilds. They are all lectures I have given to guilds and that have been enjoyed, so I offer them with confidence that your guild will also find them of interest. Here’s the link to the section of my website with the informatiion…

A Happy Photo and a Tour of Japan's National Quilt Show

My friend Alison in Edmonton recently sent me information on an online event happening April 8, 2021 at 6PM PDT. It is a tour of the Japan International Quilt Show and you can find the information here…

She also sent me photos of this lovely pouch she has made with leftover wovens from Japan. Here it is.

That is it for now… I wish you all an early spring and happy stitching.