For the entire month of March, finish any bolt and receive 30% off the price of the fabric. Lots of small bolts it is time to clear out. Take advantage of this great offer to restock some of your basics or add some new excitement to your stash.


Shop BC’s Largest Fabric Distributor Online courtesy of Quilter’s Dream Fabrics (QUI132):

You can shop BC’s largest fabric distributor online for minimum 1M cuts (or more, in quarter meter increments) of all the non-basic lines that Trend-tex carries.  When you check out, you enter the shop identifier of the local quilt shop you wish to support, and that shop will receive a portion of the total sale price.

Shipping is a flat rate $15 for any purchase up to $149 and free for purchases over that. My shop identifier is QUI132. If you forget that identifier, you can search for my shop identifier at checkout time.  Just go to and when you place your order enter QUI132 at the check out.


Welcome to lovers of modern aesthetic quilts and to lovers of textured fabrics for crafts and dressmaking!

I started my quilting and design journey about 15 years ago when I retired from a very left-brain career. Looking for a joyful activity, I tried making a quilt for our about-to-be-30 year old daughter and her husband. I was instantly passionate about quilting and about blending a Japanese aesthetic with a contemporary design sense. Over the intervening years I’ve developed contacts in Japan from whom I can import Japanese fabrics for use in my designs and I’ve continually refined my own design aesthetic. The Pacific west coast where I live and work offers me daily inspiration in the form of the shapes, textures and colours of the natural world.

It’s my belief that handwork warrants using only the best quality fabrics and that is what I sell. Fabrics like this will allow you to create a quilt, garment or accessory that will happily take a lifetime of wear. If you prefer to select your own fabrics, you can purchase just the pattern for my unique and contemporary quilt designs. Step into my studio and look around!

Here you will find my original quilts, kits and other go-together combinations that I’ve created from my fabulous collection of Japanese silks, printed and woven Japanese cottons, linens, linen/cotton blends, contemporary cotton prints and Bali batik quilting cottons. I select and import the Japanese silks and cottons used in my quilt kits. I design my quilts in my studio in Vancouver BC, influenced by the palettes of our coastline and our forests.

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